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Google's Digitalisation Project: Good or Bad?

Recently, I was introduced to TEDtalks and I came across a library related podcast called "What we learned from 5 million books".
TEDtalk Podcast: What we learned from 5 million books After four years of research, Harvard’s Erez Leiberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel states that a picture isn’t worth a 1000 words. It is worth 500 billion words. To understand human culture in which we have changed the way we use words and record them from the past to the present; one would read a lot of books but it isn’t very practical. Google’s Digitalisation project on the other hand has made it very practical and easier to find the information (specifically words and phrases) that you are looking for in the click of a button.
This made me think about: How does Google’s Digitalisation project affect modern day libraries? In modern times, libraries have to be able to provide the best service to users which would mean having the most convenient access to information anywhere in the world, whic…



A Librarian Career

While I was studying, I didn't really realise how much I loved my library services until I actually started working at my university library. Now, that I have graduated my BA (Hons) Business Management and Information Management degree with 1st Class Honours, I really want to contribute to the development of Library Services.

However, while most people would think all a library consists of is shelving books accurately; I have realised that it requires a lot of skills that make having a librarianship very difficult. Especially in an information-driven and knowledge-based society called the UK, there is more people using digital means to find information than there are specialist librarians.

As a graduate trying to move into the Information Management career, I want to have a wide range of skills ranging from Administration, Content Management Systems, Library Information Technology, Web Design, Social Media Platform Management and finally being a Librarian within the Information/Kn…