22 August 2014

End of the line = On to new things

It is the end of my one-year internship as a Library Graduate Trainee at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. I literally remember it as if it was yesterday when I was led on a tour around the library and the herbarium by the previous graduate trainee, Marc Muller. Fast forward a year, I have spent two days doing the same thing. I am definitely excited for next year's trainees and coming back to Kew to see how they are getting on.

I have definitely grown as a person since being at Kew and achieved a long list of different things since being a Kew. From my projects:
  • Completely retro-catalogued approx. 500 journals from Japan, China and South America and sections on Bryophytes and Ferns.
  • Approximately 300 newly catalogued books and journals titles.
  • Completed updating the master list in Excel for exchange partners.
  • Completed updating the bookseller list.
  • Completed my conservation and book-binding project to make my first ever journal.
  • Completed the Kew Gardens at War project which has garnered 300+ people.
  • Survived three shelf shifts for the Gardens Library, Studies Office, Diplomatic and Consular reports and pre-1867 journals.