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First few days at library school

My lecturers ( @AnneWelsh @RILADS ) have been quite keen in frequently reminding us of the need for doing reflection on this course, so I be trying to keep up with my blog posts over the next year.

So how has been first few days at UCL been, I hear you wonder? Well...with a course of around 31 people, it has been interesting few days meeting so many people from different library backgrounds. Although, there is a vast majority of soon-to-qualified librarians interested in academic libraries, others have mentioned interest in school, special collections, law, medical and music libraries too. As someone who has an interest in East Asian special collections possibility within academic libraries, it was comforting to know that a lot of my course mates were multiple language speakers. In which has been said to be helpful with their careers.
After last week's pretty long induction week, I was seriously ready to get my hands on some materials. I am not sure if I am regretting my eagernes…