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Manual handling

I always thought that with working in a few libraries, that my handling skills of library material was pretty good. However, I attended a training session and was totally schooled. So I have decided to share a few things that I neglected, learnt and should be re-enforced within libraries, especially those with special collections. 

Library ground rules First and foremost, as a student I always thought that the whole idea of not bringing food and drink into a library made sense. However, students never really understood what the big deal was with water. After all, it will dry, right? Not much damage done but a few rippled pages but still perfectly readable, right? I suppose quite a lot of students think this way, especially when studying for exams and not wanting to leave the one reference copy for idle eyes to see, so the only opinion was to sneek a quick sip or bite. Oh, just how naive!

Eating food in the library is a huge problem for conservationists as grease and leftover food can st…

Not your ordinary music library

I always thought that a "music library" was just a place to store all your music on Itunes, but I definitely got a different idea of a term, while visiting Surrey Performing Arts Library for "CILIP in Surrey" event.

After trekking through the beautiful scenery of Denbies Vineyard in pouring rain, me and my colleague arrived at the library which houses a large collection of music, dance, theatre, and cinema in print and digital format.
With over 4000 play sets and 6000 music sets in rolling stacks from Christmas carols, modern plays and pantomimes, available in different languages with individual scores for every part of an orchestra it is no wonder it is pretty large. I think one of the things that shocked me the most that even the book collections included notes on the techniques used to not only play the music but to the way in which a theatre set can be made and drama costumes can be designed.
The collections are classified and catalogued with a combination of ANSC…


It been a long time since I updated this blog but I wanted to wait for at least a month in my new position before bragging informing you about it.

I have been extremely blessed to work as Library Graduate Trainee at Kew Gardens, surrounded by a specialist collection on botany and plant science and just a walk away from the gardens that makes this institution so famous. In this last month, I have learned so much about the librarian's profession in terms of cataloguing books and helping library users at the enquiry desk and still motivated to learn more as my responsibilities grow.

With having such an opportunity, I definitely don't think it is time to slack off, so I am already thinking about my next career step - getting a masters degree in Library and Information Studies. For a lot of librarians this may not be an immediate necessity but to pursue my specific goals it is ideal to learn more about the industry and connect with many people in the process. After finding out one of…