18 April 2014

Friday: Typical day as a Library Graduate Trainee

It may be a bank holiday today but I thought I would blog about my Friday last week.

My first project to create a list of exchange partners in Excel to help build stronger relations between the acquisitions team and international exchange partners is slowly drawing to a close. I am slowly adding all the contact information and email addresses of about 300 vendors. Even though I technically completed updating the list in February, there are still on elements that can be considered unfinished. For example, exchange partners whose websites have run out of bandwidth, have non-existant re-directs to the new website or webpages taking 30 minutes at a time, have been holding me back in gaining access. It becomes even more of a problem in areas with not a lot of advanced technology.

It is days like this I really appreciate the importance of access to information and that all important internet connection. A lot of these vendors have phone numbers but no website to detail their purpose. Some of the websites also have out-of-date information and URL translators like Bing! do not always get the job done in making it easier to navigate through the sites either. However, with less than 20 email contacts left I am happy with my progress towards my deadline.

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