16 April 2014

Wednesday: Typical day as a Library Graduate Trainee

It is mid-week and I am having a busy morning doing a little bit of administrative work. I have my first meeting with someone outside of my library team :- our main source/ go-to-guy/ researcher for our large end of year exhibition to comemorate Kew Gardens involvement during World War One in terms of stories of plant science, research and plant-based products from the Library,, Art & Archives and Economic Botany collection. So, the first thing for me to do is to gather together my research in an organised fashion and set up a meeting to view some materials from the Economic Botany collection for our display.

One thing I learnt from having this meeting is that organisation of research and a planned agenda key. Being able to be in a place like the pub/restaurant also helps encourage individuals to be relaxed enough to actually get involved and contribute to the discussion.

My afternoon was simply back to retro-cataloguing some periodicals from South America. There has been an ongoing problem with cataloguing some of these serials because a lot of different numbers in the volume maybe missing, never sent or currently missing. So, having talk with my collections line-manager to gain some feedback about my work, we came up with a way to change some records to ensure that the imperfect nature of the periodical was more simplified and easier to read from a users POV.

Since starting this project I have had two members of staff request and use the South American journals. It has brought be a lot of pleasure to know that my work has directly assisted someone's research.

Near the end of the day, my cataloguing line-manager introduced me to another new mini project: - updating the library circulation list. It is important to have this list up-to-date, so all present and past users are known. However, nothing is ever are simple as a little list. As the enquiry desk was extremely busy for the last two hours I didn’t manage to start this project yet but hopefully by the end of the week I will.

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