27 September 2014

Masters at UCL

It has been gruelling long wait from December to May but worth it as I finally got a place at University College London on the MA in Library and Information Studies course in May.

Since starting the the 22nd September, I have fully enrolled and completed my induction week on the course. Furthermore, just yesterday, me and my fellow students went on a library excursion to Lambeth Palace Library. Although, it is currently undergoing various refurbishments, the degree to there collection on the history of the Church of England in English History was been extensive and well preserved. It would be great to go back in 2019 (proposed date for refurbishment completion) to see how the library and its staff has grown.

I have been surprised with a few bits of homework but no set reading just as yet. However, I am definitely loooking forward to the rest of the year.

26 September 2014

Belated greetings from China!

Tavian Hunter in Beijing

Is has been a really busy month for me since finishing at Kew. Not only have I been to Rome and Paris but I went on a trip around China. From Beijing, Macau, Guangdong and Hong Kong I had the greatest time exploring the well preserved cultural heritage. The variety of food from chicken feet  and cow intestines (which I am still not a fan of) to the more common chow mein, is definitely a one-time-only experience for me. 

Tavian Hunter at the top of Dinghu Mountain
I managed to also meet my boyfriends grandparents for the first time. Even though there was a very obvious language barrier, because I barely speak any Cantonese apart from saying "Hello!" "How are you?" and "Where is the toilet?", they were still very welcoming. 

Now, I am back in London and although I received this news while in China, my hotel internet connection wasn't the best to write blog posts. So to start off, I got my last two blog posts at Kew Gardens published. So I am offically now ex-Kew staff :(